What to Expect

Auditions are used for several purposes. The primary purpose is to give the student and teacher a chance to meet each other in person and to assess current skills and proficiencies. The teacher will ask the student many questions about theory, history, previous teachers, repertoire played, events participated in, etc. The teacher will ask to see/hear the student play a prepared piece as well as any technique (scales and arpeggios) that they are currently working on. After the initial assessment, the teacher will offer some suggestions to help the student immediately. There will then be time for parents and students to ask questions of the teacher about anything relevant. This is a good time to talk about scheduling availabilities for lesson times, as well as practice and lesson expectations that the teacher/conservatory has in place.


An audition does not signal an obligation to study at H&S. It is not used to see if someone is “good enough” to study at the Conservatory. H&S accepts all ages and levels who are committed to furthering their musical knowledge through hard work and dedication. Students may also audition with more than one teacher to find a fit that is beneficial to both parties. We are convinced that through this process, anyone can benefit from an elite music education.

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