1. 3 NEW CLASSES announced! 3rd-6th graders come sing BROADWAY with us, 7th-12 Graders group classes, and Fundamentals of Classical voice for ADULTS!! Register HERE

2. Franz, the 9’1” Bösendorfer is HERE! Visit the Recital Hall page to learn about renting this amazing space and instrument!

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Fostering “Intentional Excellence” in Music

Hammer & Strings Conservatory (H&S) exists to provide the highest level of music education for students of all ages. Our program immerses students in all aspects of musical art, including performance, collaboration, technique, history, theory, and pedagogy. We believe strongly in utilizing elite music teachers that have been where you want to go. They are trained in the art of teaching, and have extensive real-life performing experience at the collegiate and professional levels.

Why Study at H&S Conservatory?

There are many benefits to students learning in a conservatory setting. The first of those being the incredible resources available through the collaboration of teachers, educators, and students. Students benefit from a network of amazing teachers and mentors that pool their resources into one grand purpose, giving students access to multiple classes and events that private study with one teacher does not provide. H&S offers theory classes, collaborative piano, chamber groups, on-site accompanists for instrumentalists and vocalists, music history, and masterclasses. We are delighted to announce that we also offer our own, world-class piano, the Bösendorfer 9’ Concert Grand Piano, the likes of which are not often available except to universities and city art centers. Multiple performances each year allow the student to perform for various crowds and in various settings, instead of one or two studio recitals each year. Whatever your musical goals are, H&S can get you there.


Our Philosophy

“Hammer & Strings Conservatory exists to provide the highest level of music education for students of all ages.” Every teacher with H&S has an advanced degree in music and/or commensurate professional and performance experience at the collegiate and professional level. H&S’s teaching philosophy is based on the following truths:

  • The success of a student depends on the success, education, and experience of the teacher.

  • The success of a student depends on the discipline, focus, and persistence of that student, and the support of parents of that student (especially for younger students).

  • The success of a student is reliant upon years of steady, consistent tutelage and correct practice habits.

  • The success of a student depends on how that student responds when pressure increases, and when expectations become inconvenient and challenging.

  • A young student’s talent is best discovered when that student begins with an excellent teacher. H&S believes that when you provide your child with excellent opportunities from the beginning, excellence will almost always be the result.

  • The foundational principles acquired in the serious pursuit of a musical instrument will positively affect every aspect of a student’s life, including schooling and self-esteem. By providing your child or yourself with the best education available, you are opening every window of opportunity.