Strings Department

Private instruction is the foundation of successful strings training. Our violin faculty are experienced performers and teachers that have been trained and educated by some of the best mentors in the world. Read about what other opportunities are available in our department.

Private lessons:

These are traditional private violin lessons. One-on-one weekly instruction (technique, music theory, performance, repertoire) from a highly trained and dedicated violin teacher. H&S offers weekly lessons of 30 (for age 5 and under), 45, 60, and 75 minutes, supported by theory, music history, chamber playing, and pedagogy. Auditions are held to determine current level and eligibility for other programs. Tuition $245/month (45-min lesson).*

Other Programs offered:

Billiante Strings:

We are thrilled to announce auditions for a cello and violin performing group, Brilliante! Brilliante will be touring Tanzania, Africa next summer 2020!  We will perform, serve in the community, and enjoy an African safari.  The dates for the tour are July 15 - Monday July 27.  READ MORE!

**Regionals and All-State Preparation Lessons: (High School Students)**

These lessons are special, 1-time lessons, crafted specifically for high school orchestra students auditioning for Regionals and All-State. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF H&S CONSERVATORY TO SIGN UP FOR THESE LESSONS. Students auditioning for Regionals have the opportunity to take three or four (3 or 4) 45-minute lessons from our highly trained and skilled strings teachers. These lessons will be centered around sight-singing exercises and block and contrapuntal exercises from past regionals auditions offered in Arizona, as well as extensive study of a regionals approved solo. Students auditioning for All-State will receive 1 to 2 lessons created to help cultivate your performance and prepare you in the best possible way for the audition. If you already have a private teacher we are happy to be a second pair of ears to help you have your best chance of making Regionals and/or All-State.  Click HERE to register.

Music and Movement: (ages 1-5)

This is a class for young musicians that helps children develop a love for music. We dance, sing, move, and create music together in this weekly 45-minute class. Held weekly on Wednesdays 9:30-10:15 AM (subject to change). Two 8-week terms offered, beginning Aug. 7. Tuition: $120/term. * Click HERE to register.

Advanced Theory classes:

In addition to the built-in theory lab that each student receives with their monthly tuition, classes are offered for students who are advanced in theory. These are semester-long classes that will help prepare students for college theory courses as well as AP Theory exams and other formal examinations.

Chamber Groups:

For advanced strings students, opportunities will be available to play in chamber groups with other advanced musicians, both vocal and instrumental. Mentoring from one of our outstanding faculty will ensure that each member of the group receives attention and instruction.

Teaching Apprenticeships:

High school students who are interested in teaching privately throughout college or professionally will have the opportunity to shadow one of our faculty and receive one-on-one mentoring on how to set up a policy, teach technique, learn about different methods etc. They will also be given the responsibility to mentor/tutor younger students, under the guide of their mentor.

* All students receive 45-minutes of theory lab with their monthly tuition at no additional cost. Theory lab includes access to computer stations and help from a theory mentor when needed.