Piano Department

Private instruction is the foundation of successful piano training. The piano faculty are experienced performers and teachers that have been trained and educated by some of the best mentors in the world. We offer weekly lessons of 30 (for age 5 and under), 45, 60, and 75 minutes, supported by theory, music history, collaborative and accompanying instruction, and pedagogy. In addition to private instruction, we also offer programs that will enhance the musical growth and educational experience of each student.

Programs offered:

Advanced Theory classes:

In addition to the built-in theory lab that each student receives with their monthly tuition, classes are offered for students who are advanced in theory. These are semester-long classes that will help prepare students for college theory courses as well as AP Theory exams and other formal examinations.

Chamber Group:

For advanced piano students, opportunities will be available to play in chamber groups with other advanced musicians, both vocal and instrumental. Mentoring from one of our outstanding faculty will ensure that each member of the group receives attention and instruction.

Teaching Apprenticeship:

High school students who are interested in teaching privately throughout college or professionally will have the opportunity to shadow one of our faculty and receive one-on-one mentoring on how to set up a policy, teach technique, learn about different methods etc. They will also be given the responsibility to mentor/tutor younger students.

Collaborative Apprenticeship:

High school students who want to have the skills to earn money as a paid accompanist are encouraged to enroll in this program. Students will be given the opportunity to earn wages by accompanying instrumentalist and vocalists in our other departments with instruction and mentoring from their private teacher.