Vocal Department

Jamie Alston and Elisabeth Coleman perform “Girl in 14G” at a concert in Mesa, AZ.

Jamie Alston and Elisabeth Coleman perform “Girl in 14G” at a concert in Mesa, AZ.

Welcome to the vocal department! Our dynamic faculty are here to help you achieve your vocal goals. We offer classes for all ages and levels, and private lessons for those 12 and older. Our faculty are experienced in performing and teaching many different styles of singing, including classical, folk, jazz, musical theater, and opera! Sign up below or email admin@hammerandstrings.com to schedule an audition.

Classes Offered

Music and Movement: (1-5)

This is a class for young musicians that helps children develop a love for music. We dance, sing, move, and create music together in this weekly 45-minute class. Held weekly on Wednesdays 9:30-10:15 AM (subject to change). Two 8-week terms offered, beginning Aug. 7. Tuition: $140/term. * Click HERE to pay tuition and reserve your spot.

Music and Movement 2: (K-1st Grade)

This is for children who are ready to start learning about how to make beautiful sounds with their voices. We will prepare group numbers from familiar sources, while learning the basics of music theory in this weekly 45-min class. Held Wednesdays as demand dictates. Tuition: $175/term*. Click HERE to pay tuition and reserve your spot.

Group lessons: (2nd-6th graders)

This group class is for students who are interested in private voice lessons, but whose voices have not yet matured. These groups begin to focus more intently on correct singing technique, performance, and learning individual songs with solos. They will also have theory assignments and opportunities to perform in this weekly 1-hour class held Wednesdays from 3-3:50 PM. Two 8-week terms offered, beginning Aug. 7. Tuition $250/term* Click HERE to pay tuition and reserve your spot.

**Regionals and All-State Preparation Lessons: (High School Students)**

These lessons are special, 1-off lessons, crafted specifically for high school voice students auditioning for Regionals and All-State. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF H&S CONSERVATORY TO SIGN UP FOR THESE LESSONS. Students auditioning for Regionals have the opportunity to take three or four (3 or 4) 45-minute lessons from our highly trained and skilled voice teachers. These lessons will be centered around sight-singing exercises and block and contrapuntal exercises from past regionals auditions offered in Arizona, as well as extensive study of a regionals approved solo. Students auditioning for All-State will receive 1 to 2 lessons created to help cultivate your vocal abilities and prepare you in the best possible way for the audition. If you already have a private teacher we are happy to be a second pair of ears to help you have your best chance of making Regionals and/or All-State.  Click HERE to pay tuition and reserve your spot.

Private lessons: (Age 12 and above)

This is traditional private voice lessons. One-on-one weekly instruction (vocal, technique, music theory) from a highly trained and skilled vocal teacher, offered in 45-min or 1-hour segments. Auditions are held to determine voice type and current level. Schedule directly with private teacher. Tuition $225/month (45-min lesson).*

* All students receive 45-minutes of theory lab with their monthly tuition at no additional cost. Theory lab includes access to computer stations and help from a theory mentor when needed.

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