About the Academy

About Hammer & Strings Academy

Hammer & Strings Academy (HSA) exists to provide the highest level of music education for music students ages 5 through adults. Teachers associated with the HSA have earned a Master’s or Doctorate degree in music, and have an advanced understanding and grasp of the art of teaching music. In addition, teachers have extensive real-life performing experience at the collegiate and professional levels. The HSA’s teaching philosophy is based on the following truths:

  • The success of a student depends on the success, education, and experience of the teacher.
  • The success of a student depends on the discipline, focus, and persistence of that student, and the parents of that student (for younger students).
  • The success of a student is reliant upon years of steady, consistent tutelage and practice.
  • The success of a student depends on how that student responds when pressure increases, and when expectations become inconvenient and challenging. 
  • A young student’s talent is best discovered when that student begins with an excellent teacher. The HSA believes that when you provide your child with excellent opportunities from the beginning, excellence will almost always be the result.
  • The serious study of a musical instrument or voice is a worthwhile investment of time and money. 
  • HSA teachers do not expect all their students to become touring concert artists. However, they do expect every student to work hard enough to master their skill at a high level. Imagine the affect this will have on all aspects of their lives including their schooling and their self-esteem!  By providing your child or yourself with the best education available, you are opening every window of opportunity possible.